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Larsen Academy

LARSEN is an art studio in Villajoyosa, Spain. It is a place where artists come to work or to attend art classes.

We have a spacious floor for painters to work and for people to attend painting classes. We also have a grand etching press on the first floor.

LARSEN art studio is a stones throw from the Mediterranean sea with almost 3 km of beaches. We feel lucky to work in the sun on one of our terraces, and inside with natural light flowing in from outside.
The town of Villajoyosa has a colourful Old Town, fishing boats leaving the harbour in the morning, which return in the afternoon, nice people and good restaurants.

It is a beautiful place where you can find great motives and inspiration.


What we do


People often visit our studio to paint. Some for a few days while visiting Villajoyosa and others for weeks or months. Beginners have the opportunity to get tuition by local painters. Intermediate and professional painters work by themselves. It is a good environment, where people share experiences and work together.


We have easels you can use for free and you can store your work with us while you are here. We have canvas, paint and brushes for sale.


You can pop in for one day for EUR 10,00.
You can buy a 10 day pass for EUR 75,00.
You can stay a month at a time for EUR 100,00.


If you have questions regarding a place to stay we have available apartments and we have referral
rates with local hotels.

In house artists

If you would like to stay for a longer period of time, we would like to hear from you. Hopefully we can help you find a place to stay within your budget and agree to a discounted long term price for you.

Painting seminars

 July 2022 seminars: 

Post Instagram Cerrado por Navidad Cartel Rojo Marrón Piñas Muérdago.jpeg
Evaristo alguacil.jpeg
Post Instagram Cerrado por Navidad Cartel Rojo Marrón Piñas Muérdago.jpeg

Previous seminars:


Other Activities

In our upper floor gallery which includes a great terrace, we sometimes arrange exhibitions by local or visiting painters. On normal days we always have a wide range of art on display for sale. We often have people coming in visiting us. We have schools coming to see us, sometimes writers come to enjoy the peace, the view and some will ask to use our facilities outside normal working hours. We have artists that has offered doing ceramics classes and we may offer that soon. Also, on our etching press we have made prints from wood carvings, lino and photo gravure. If you are on Costa Blanca you should drive via Villajoyosa and see the studio.


Our opening times from July 1st 2020:

Monday to Friday 10:00 - 17:00.

Weekends closed for the public

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